Most Popular and Beloved Punjabi Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari Dupatta

India is a nation of customs, multicolored ethnic textiles, and ethnic clothing. Only a few of the many trends that are sweeping the Indian fashion scene endure. One is the dupatta, particularly the Punjabi phulkari dupatta kind, which has stood the test of time and been fashionable for many years.


Phulkari Dupatta

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What Makes Phulkari Dupattas Special?

Punjab’s rural needlework tradition is known as phulkari, which translates to “flower art.” They resemble an embroidery shawl in appearance, yet they are colorful and lovely. Thick textiles, particularly those made of cotton and known as khaddar, were traditionally used to make phulkari.

Since women wore Phulkari dupattas for festivals and weddings, red and its tones are their most popular colors. Red is also a lucky hue for Hindus and Sikhs and is used in most Phulkari dupattas. In contrast, you can now get Phulkari dupattas in various colors, including brown, blue, black, and white. A crucial part of any girl’s life is phulkari. The process of making the prospective bride’s trousseau, which she wears while she walks around the sacred fire during her wedding, begins with the birth of a girl, according to tradition.

Phulkari embroidery’s appeal


Phulkari Dupatta

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Phulkari is a fashionable embroidery style commonly spotted on red carpets and at fashion shows. The Phulkari dupatta, also known as the Phulkari chunni, has become very popular in street fashion. Indian and western tops and tunics can be easily worn with these. It is a wonderful method to include this distinctive embroidery in various outfits.

Phulkari-worked garments are frequently adorned with more vivid traditional Indian jewelry. Thus, Kurtis, dupattas, suits, and tunics embellished with this design are frequently seen combined with beaded necklaces and stone-studded pendant sets. On the other hand, the bridal Phulkari suits are fairly elaborate and lavish. They should be paired with lovely gold jewelry sets that include traditional bridal ornaments like kaleera and churi.


The Craft

Phulkari is always completed on the fabric’s ulta, or the wrong side, and is stitched using the darning technique. Another aspect of Phulkari designs, which frequently have a very detailed, lively appearance, is the use of colorful silken threads.

Punjabi women decided to develop a wide variety of beautiful Phulkari designs, drawing inspiration from the hues and vigor of their bright surroundings. Even though the word “Phulkari” implies “flower craft,” not only floral patterns are employed (though they are certainly the most popular). You can find all kinds of local and natural design inspiration and creatively entwining shapes and lines that the weaver or designer came up with. In the past, only khaddar, a traditional Punjabi fabric, and cotton were used; however, today, Phulkari art may be found in various materials, including silk, chiffon, georgette, and crepe.

How to Add Phulkari Dupattas Best?

  • A splash of vibrant dupatta

You can wear a plain, solid-colored suit with vibrant hues like navy blue, black, white, red, and yellow. You can purchase a Phulkari dupatta online with straightforward salwar suits, palazzo suits, and conventional Patiala suits.

  • Dupatta with one side

One of the easiest methods to style a Phulkari dupatta is doing this. To achieve an attractive appearance, you can buy a Phulkari dupatta online and drape it on one side. After that, affix a safety pin and wear it over one shoulder. Your dupatta will be able to remain in position and prevent unintentional falling.

  • Scarf in jacket style

We advise wearing a Phulkari dupatta like a jacket if you wish to do it stylishly. The dupatta must be opened, folded from both sides, and pinned at the sides to achieve the desired effect. Wear it right now like a jacket.


Phulkari: The Punjabi Rainbow Art

In India, one may always find distinctive handicrafts and aesthetic expressions. Some of these local crafts have a rich history that culminates in a spectacular modern resurgence, leaving sociologists with a fascinating web of aesthetic and cultural influences. The Punjabi craft of phulkari is one example of this. With its fine stitching, lovely designs, and motifs, this Punjabi folk art is considered one of the world’s most colorful and distinctive embroidery styles.

The Punjabi people hold a special place in their hearts for the art of phulkari needlework, whose history in north India is entwined with that of the Sikhs and the Hindus. It is believed to have its roots in Iran or a region of central Asia that traveled to India and then developed into the shape we know today.

It has been practiced by women throughout Punjab for many generations, both in India and Pakistan. It was thriving up to the partition of India, after which it fell out of favor due to economic and social instability and change. Designers who recognize the variety and aesthetic appeal of Punjabi Phulkari have recently revitalized it and popularised it.

Earlier, only the family’s female members would handcraft Phulkari art. It is now also mechanically made to cut costs and create larger quantities. Expert craftspeople still make the most desirable and stunning types by hand (in olden times, most women in Punjab were skilled in this craft, but this is less true today).


Where can you buy the Phulkari Dupatta?

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