Learn About the Manufacturing of a Sanganeri Print Saree

sanganeri print saree

If you’ve ever seen or purchased a sanganeri print saree, you know how appealing and pleasing the designs are. But have you ever considered how much time and skill goes into creating a sanganeri print saree? The making of these sarees is an intriguing process.

As manufacturers of sanganeri print sarees, we have attempted to explain how we make our sarees. The following steps:

Process of Manufacturing Sanganeri Print Saree Washing

We begin by washing the cloth to remove any dust or starch necessary to achieve the best printing results. For 1-2 days, the cloth is immersed in a water and bleach solution. The cloth is then boiled, washed, and dried. This section usually takes 3-6 days, depending on the weather, and we all know that Rajasthan has extreme weather.

  • Printing and Marking

The cloth is first laid on a table and pinned to it, and then the printing areas are marked. We also mark where the stitches and cuts will be made. The distance between the two prints is also calculated and marked. We print with both wooden and metal blocks. Initially, only wooden blocks were used in printing because metal blocks allow for more precise, intricate, and delicate printing; they are now the most commonly used but are also more expensive than wooden blocks. The printer colors the block before stamping it on the cloth. To ensure that the color of the prints is consistent, the printer presses hard on the handle with his fist. The number of blocks used per saree is determined by the number of colors used. The outer border is printed first, followed by the inner designs. We print the pallu first, followed by the borders on sarees. This is commonly referred to as chapaai.

Saree Designs: Traditional vs. Modern

In our sarees, we tried to incorporate both traditional and modern designs. We also make sarees from various fabrics that can be worn for any occasion. Previously, these sarees were only available in white or beige, with prints in colors naturally available to printers, but now we have these sarees in various colors.

  • After printing, the saree is left to dry in the sun to allow the color to set. We handle the sarees with extreme caution, or the colors will spread to other areas.
  • Washing is the final step in creating a sanganeri print saree. Special containers are made, and the sarees are steam-pressed. This process uses a lot of water, and the saree is dried in the sun again. The saree is then ironed to ensure that the color is permanently fixed. This process also ensures that no color smudges remain on white fabrics; if they do, they are washed away and become clear white.

More About the Sanganeri Hand Block Print Sarees

Sanganer is about 16 kilometers from Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan. It is well-known for its textile printing and handmade paper industries. Floral and block prints are a specialty of the Sanganer block printers and artisans. Sanganer is also well known for its handmade paper industry and Jain temples. The prints produced in Sanganer are well-known and distinctive in terms of design. Floral, bold, and block prints with bright patterns on a white background are the distinctive features of this settlement area. Sanganer currently has about ten paper mills and several Jain temples.

The ‘Shri Digambar Jain Temple,’ similar to the Dilwara Temple structure at Mount Abu, is one of the most prominent Jain temples here. Aside from the temples, the town’s highlights include the remains of archaic palaces and special tours and excursions to Hindu temples. Sanganer is a well-known name in the world of hand-block printing. However, we only make the best Sanganeri Hand Block Print Sarees. These sarees never look out of place. These sarees are a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. The artistic designs on these sarees are breathtaking.

Printed Dress Material by Sanganeri

Our industry reputations are already at their pinnacle. Our manufacturing and sales volumes are massive, but our intricate design is our specialty, and it is magnificent. We provide Sanganer Printed Dress Material, resulting in class in the intricacies of our design. We provide a wide range of intricately designed products, including block print fabric in Sanganer Printed Dress Material. We are current with the market. We produce and sell in the market in response to market demands. Our customers like the appearance, textures, colors, and overall feel of the Cotton Fabric we offer. Our specialists create the texture while keeping current market trends in mind.

Before releasing it to the market, we review the textures we provide and research the quality characteristics. Our website features Bagru print sarees, Sanganeri print sarees, and printed dress material. As a result, during this season, please purchase the ideal product, rich in quality, that we have to offer.

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