Follow These Saree Styling Tips and Tricks For A Graceful Look

Saree Styling Tips


A versatile attire that can be worn in multiple ways and is perfect for flaunting your curves, a saree is the one perfect attire to have in your wardrobe. The 6-yards of love is an uncanny way to define the sheer elegance of the saree, but that’s not it. Have you ever considered how you can style the sarees? Well, if not, we are here with the best styling tips for you to style and look graceful.

Top Saree Styling Tips For You

Silk, cotton, georgette, or any other saree, each one is a perfect way to flaunt your style and look graceful at casual, family, as well as formal occasions. But the saree can look even more beautiful if you know the hot and top styling tips. So, here are the saree styling tips that will make you look like a celeb at any party or occasion.

  • Contrasting Blouse Is All You Need

A perfect and contracting blouse with a faltering neckline and sleeves can make your saree look even more graceful. Start with deciding the pattern and look to stand out of the crowd. Make sure to have a properly fitted blouse with the right sleeves to make you look graceful and charming. Wearing a light-toned blouse with a dark shade saree of Anarpot or vice versa will uplift the entire look and grace.



  • Choose the Right Material

The materials in which sarees are available are immense. This can be confusing sometimes, but when you are aware of the flow and style of each material, styling becomes easier. Start with trying some simple cotton sarees from Anapot, and then you can move ahead with Organza, Silk, Chiffon, and others at a later stage.


  • Unlimited Drapes, Unlimited Looks

You can wear a single saree in literally hundreds of ways. With this said, you can learn draping simple saree, Marathi saree, Gujarati saree, Saree with a belt, Mumtaz Style, Butterfly style, free fall, and so on. Every style suits different occasions, and so when you style your saree differently always, you will look graceful.


  • Jewels To Add the Bling

We all have that Wow factor when we style for a party. While sarees are beautiful and perfect, you can make them even more graceful when you have the perfect kind of jewelry for your saree. You can wear Polks, Jaded, Pearls, Silver, Kundan, and many other jewelry styles with the saree to elevate the look. The right patli pin is also an important accessory to have.

  • Stay High With High Heels

For many high heels are uncomfortable, but with sarees, high heels look graceful. If you select the right heels with appropriate elevation, you can wear the high heels easily and look beautiful and graceful in them. Selecting sarees from Anarpot to style with high heels is the right decision to make.


  • Learn The Art Of Tucking

Always keep the saree draped around your waist at a reasonable height. It’s critical to ensure that the crease’s bottom is leveled before tucking the pleats below your navel. Even if you have a flat stomach, make sure you don’t tuck your saree too low, as this will give you a shabby look.

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